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Features & Benefits

Finance 100%

Equipment financing affords business owners the opportunity to finance 100% of some of their equipment purchases with no down payment. This allows businesses to get the tools they need to continue day-to-day operations without negatively impacting cash flow.

Tax Benefits

Upgrade Opportunity

With equipment finance leases you can have the option to upgrade your equipment as new features and models come to market. This allows you to keep your costs to a minimum while still having the benefits of having the newest and most advanced options available.

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Revenue Based Financing

Revenue Based Financing is an up-front sum of cash that is based on a business’s future sales. Though not technically a loan, this is a great option for businesses that need access to cash quickly. Because this is not a loan, there is no APR or compounded interest associated with this product. Instead, borrowers agree to pay a fixed percentage in addition to the amount provided.


Line of Credit

Similar to a personal credit card, a business line of credit provides you with a line of credit that is accessible for you to use at any time. You only pay interest on the portion of the line that you use, and once paid, funds become available for you to use again. This is a great option for businesses who want to stabilize their cash flow or those who are in need of short-term working capital.


Invoice Factoring

If your cash flow is hurting because you are waiting on invoices to be fulfilled from customers, then this is a great financing option for you. With Invoice Factoring you can receive a lump sum of cash that will keep your business running while you wait on payment of these invoices. With invoice factoring there is no APR or compounded interest, instead you are typically charged a one-time set up fee and transaction fee which is a percentage of the amount provided to you.


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Looking to Become a Vendor Partner?

If equipment financing seems like the right fit for you, let’s get you ready to apply. The exact documentation you will need depends on whether you choose to purchase your equipment outright or if you choose to lease it. To begin the application, the minimum documentation you will need -regardless of whether you plan to purchase or lease – includes a copy of the equipment quote or estimate, and your corporate, personal and interim financial statements and tax returns. If you’re still not sure that equipment financing is right for you, you can use our financing matching tool or give us a call at (800) 780-7133 to speak with one of our financing specialists.

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