6 online publications that will make you a smarter business owner

We live in an age of information.   And yet – with more and more content out there it has become increasingly difficult for business owners to determine which online publications are worth their time and energy. While no two businesses are exactly alike, there are some publications that you may be helpful on a regular…


HELP! Should I Pivot My Business?

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Pivoting Your Business In business terms, changing the direction of your business is commonly referred to as a pivot. While it is most common to pivot your business in its earlier days, there is no reason why you cannot pivot your business at a later stage to respond to…


Top 7 vacation destinations for small business owners to unwind

One of the most difficult aspects of running a business is having the ability to keep your creative juices flowing (didn’t being creative seem so easy when you first set out to start a business?!). Having the ability to think creatively can you help you solve problems and enhance and optimize processes. From coming up…


9 Tips to Create a Great Podcast For Your Small Business

Over the past four years, the number of Americans who listen to podcasts has nearly doubled according to Edison Research and Triton Digital. The largest demographic of listeners are millennials who hold bachelor’s or master’s degrees. Many business owners are joining the ranks of other successful podcasters because the return on investment is great when it…


How to Simplify Your Digital Life as a Small Business Owner

Business owners know how often work-life balance can feel completely unbalanced. The lines between what is work and what is “down-time” often get blurred. This is especially the case when there are deadlines to meet, after-hours problems to solve, or when you’re the only one who can address an issue. That’s why simplifying your digital life — de-cluttering and streamlining your online usage — can be important for small business owners.


Making Her Mark – Influential Women Business Owners: Mei Wang

“We need to do a biopsy” – Words that can cause a patient’s hear to skip a beat. A biopsy removes cells or tissue from a suspicious area of the body. Doctor’s then study these cells to see if a disease – such as cancer – is present. Patients wait with hope and trepidation for their biopsies to return either “positive” or “negative.”


Why Are All of My Employees Leaving?

Do you know what work your employees really enjoy doing? Most business owners and managers have no idea, according to a recent Harvard Business Review article authored by three Facebook executives and a university professor. “It spills out in exit interviews — a standard practice in every HR department to find out why talented people are leaving…

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