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Discover a range of financing solutions designed to provide the working capital you need to power business growth.


Business Loans

The flexible business loans you need to grow the business you want.

Business loan offers come through Kapitus and/or members of our financing network.

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Equipment Financing

Purchase equipment without dipping into cash reserves.

Equipment financing offers come through members of our financing network.

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Business Line of Credit

Get access to cash at better rates than the average credit card.

Line of credit offers come through members of our financing network.

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Revenue-Based Financing

Take advantage of fixed-cost financing based on your recent sales history.

Revenue-based financing offers come through Kapitus and/or members of our financing network.

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Experience KapitusPLUS

Discover YOUR ideal financing solution.

Kapitus is committed to helping you find the best possible financing solutions for your small business – even if it’s not with us. Through our innovative KapitusPLUS process, you can rest assured that not only is Kapitus standing behind you, but our extensive financing network is too, providing a variety of options to support your business.

Build Your Customized Financing Experience

We believe that every business is unique, and your financing should be too. From small business loans to equipment financing and everything in between, KapitusPLUS has you covered. Our team of seasoned financing specialists works closely with you to craft a personalized financing package that aligns with your goals. Kapitus is your solution for a customized financing experience that simplifies the process while providing a diverse range of options to make your financing experience uniquely yours.

Step 1

Streamlined Application Process

In business time is of the essence – and we value yours. Our simple process allows you to apply for multiple financing solutions and receive up to six competing offers with one simple application.

Step 2

Choose Your Offer

The KapitusPLUS process provides a wide array of financing options, allowing you to easily compare type, size, terms, fees, and total cost of financing for multiple offers all at once.

Step 3

Use Your Funds

Go renovate. Go buy equipment. Start hiring. Open a new location. Purchase that inventory. Get your business on track for growth! Join the thousands of satisfied business owners who have achieved their goals with our support.

To be successful, businesses use an array of tools and services in addition to financing. To help small businesses, like yours, manage multiple areas of operation, we sometimes highlight products or services that could help you accomplish your business goals by providing links to them on our website. This type of content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of these links, we may receive compensation.

At Kapitus, we strive to provide unbiased information, so we independently evaluate the products and services that we highlight on our site.

Get to Know Your Business Credit

Did you know that business credit plays a key role in the amount of financing you can acquire? Kapitus has joined forces with Experian to help small business owners better understand their business credit. With Experian you can access a variety of products and plans to help you establish, monitor, and improve your business credit score.

Small Business Knowledge Hub

Educational resources to help you finance, manage, and grow your business.

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Hear what Kapitus clients have to say about their unique financing journeys.

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