Supporting small businesses is a privilege – one we don’t take for granted. You are the main drivers of the economy, innovating and building strong local communities. Helping you succeed is the main driver behind everything we do at Kapitus. Your stories write our story, and we are proud to be on this journey with you.

Rebuilding Houston

A construction company needed a quick influx of working capital to increase contractor headcount.

After Hurricane Harvey ravaged the Houston area, Mike, the owner of a construction company knew he was going to need to have access to additional working capital to accept projects to help rebuild the area. He reached out to Kapitus, and within twenty-four hours, Mike was approved for financing.

Initially, Mike decided to take only a portion of the amount for which he was approved. Then, he received a phone call. Mike had won the bid for the FEMA contract in the Houston area IF he could show he had the manpower to take on the immense job. To meet the FEMA requirements, Mike would need to increase his contractor headcount by 600%, which would require a substantial amount in additional funds. Mike came back to Kapitus to see if he could still get his original deal. His financing specialist made it happen and Mike was able to bring on 128 new contractors within a week, secured the contract with FEMA and began the long process of rebuilding Houston.

Keeping Up with Growth

A pub and grill needed to expand its kitchen or risk losing customers during the busy season.

When Bryan needed some additional working capital to expand the kitchen of his pub and grill, he turned to his bank for a business loan. After days of filling out paperwork and collecting the appropriate documents, he submitted his application…and waited…and waited.

Bryan needed to get work started on his kitchen immediately to meet growing demand – demand that he was expecting to grow even more during his approaching busy season. But after weeks went by, he still hadn’t received an answer from his bank. He turned to Kapitus to see if we could help. Within less than a week, Bryan had his application submitted, approved, and had funds in his business bank account – allowing him to get his contractor started on the expansion the next week. It was completed just in time to keep up with his growing demand and ensure a pleasant experience for his customers.

Navigating Financing – A First-timer’s Story

Law firm needed financing for the first time to meet high volume demands.

Jonathan, who specializes in auto accident law, needed financing to expand his office and meet increasing growth requirements. Because this was his first time needing additional financing, he wanted to find a financing partner that would be able to walk him through the process of finding the best options for his firm.

Jonathan reached out to Kapitus where his financing specialist was able to assess the firm’s situation and walk Jonathan through the cost benefit analysis of multiple financing options that would address both the firm’s short- and long-term needs. Jonathan now has the working capital he needs to manage his existing high volume, while having a financial plan to address any additional needs that come up as the firm continues to expand.

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