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Processor Conversions

Choosing a new credit card processor can be a daunting task. We can help with that. Our long-standing partnerships with established processors of all sizes allow us to not only find the right solution for your business’s needs, but to also assist you in the actual conversion.

Custom Equipment Consulting

When it’s time to upgrade your existing POS system, our custom consulting services can help you match the right system to your store’s specific needs. We work with fully-vetted POS partners, which also allows us to negotiate, on your behalf, the best rates for your new system.

Revenue Generation

Need a little help improving your marketing and business development efforts? Through our ATM placement, gift card program and international business partnerships program, you have access to tools and services that will help you grow your customer base and your bottom line.

Have Multiple Locations? Get Financing for your new POS

Revenue Based Financing

Revenue Based Financing is an up-front sum of cash that is based on a business’s future sales. Though not technically a loan, this is a great option for businesses that need access to cash quickly. Because this is not a loan, there is no APR or compounded interest associated with this product. Instead, borrowers agree to pay a fixed percentage in addition to the amount provided.


Equipment Financing

If your business needs new equipment, but you don’t have enough available cash to make the purchase then this is a great option for you. Our equipment financing product allows you to choose between purchasing your new equipment or leasing it with rights to renew. Equipment loans involve regular payments that include both the principal and interest. Equipment leasing is similar to leasing a car where you pay “rent” for use of the equipment over a specified amount of time.


Business Loan

Available for both short- and long-term needs. Our business loans provide, you with an agreed upon sum of money that you will pay back over a specified amount of time, with interest. The amount of interest paid and the total overall cost will be depend on whether you opt for a short-time loan, which typically has a higher interest rate but a lower overall cost or a long-term loan, which tends to have a lower interest rate but a higher overall cost.


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How Can We Help You?

Whether you need help switching processors, upgrading your POS or giving a boost to your marketing and business development efforts, we’re here to help. Our no-cost concierge services help businesses tackle some of the most overwhelming projects business owners have to face. If you’d like to learn more about our complimentary concierge services, give us a call at (800) 780-7133.

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