Free NYC Small Business Services That Give Empire State Entrepreneurs a Competitive Advantage

Free NYC Small Business Services

Did you know that small businesses make up more than 99% of all businesses in New York City–and employ half its public workforce? With such an economic impact, so many NYC small business services are in place to help entrepreneurs accelerate their enterprises.

Although launching and growing a small business can sometimes feel overwhelming, confusing or isolating, support is never far away. Here are some of the best free–and low-cost–NYC small business services available to Empire State entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Free Advisory Services

Do you need help devising your business plan or decoding regulatory requirements? Luckily, a myriad of NYC small business services exist in every borough. They will pair you with experts and mentors who will help you navigate roadblocks. Thousands of small business owners seek advice every year.

Bronx: The Bronx Small Business Development Center offers free small business services ranging from marketing to regulatory training.

Brooklyn: Brooklyn’s Small Business Development Center offers both online and in-person training. They help with everything from funding to financial literacy. Plus, they have an impressive amount of live networking events.

Manhattan: From financing and trade to marketing and government procurement, the Small Business Development Center at Pace University has a host of free resources and events available for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Queens: The Queens Economic Development Corporation offers workshops, training events, one-on-one-coaching, and networking events free of charge.

Staten Island: The Staten Island Small Business Development Center exists to help both aspiring and established small business owners navigate regulatory requirements, identify viable funding sources and understand e-commerce, among other free services.

City-Wide: NYC Small Business Services Centers exist across all five boroughs. They offer free advice and resources to help small businesses start and grow. You can even take free business courses online! A three-minute application helps pair you with the curriculum best fit for your needs.

Free Meeting Spaces

Are you looking for a spot to host an important business meeting or collaborate with your cofounders? The following locations are available at no cost to entrepreneurs:

  1. The Freelancers Union invites entrepreneurs and freelancers to work from Freelancers Hub, its DUMBO co-working space up to eight days each month at no cost. Their hours are 9-5, Monday – Friday.
  2. The New York Public Library’s Science, Industry and Building Library (SIBL) allows entrepreneurs to reserve meeting rooms en línea. You can do so for up to six people and for two-hour time blocks, Monday through Saturday.

Free Resources By Classification

New York has one of the most diverse populations in the country. Services exist to help give small business owners of every background a competitive advantage. If you’re a minority, woman, immigrant, or veteran, you will find enormous value in the services tailored to you. The New York State Department of Labor offers a curated list of links on its website.

The important thing to remember is: you’re not alone! Help for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking for NYC small business services is close by. There are dedicated mentors and volunteers who want to help you succeed. They know you have the power to create meaningful impact in your community. Asking for help could mean the difference in your business stalling or skyrocketing. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to take the first step!

Do you need even more resources? The Kapitus Blog has hundreds of resources. It can help you navigate everything from marketing and technology to operations and human resources. Bookmark this page and be sure to return often for more advice and information geared specifically to New York City small business owners.

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