12 Black Friday Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

How to market your small business for Black Friday

Black Friday shoppers are looking for a deal. They want to see something unique and expect huge discounts. Here are 12 Black Friday marketing tips to get you thinking about what you can do to make your business stand out.

1. Promote Before Black Friday
Build suspense by sending emails to your customer list 10 to 14 days before Black Friday promoting your soon-to-come irrestible offers. Post your coming promotions on your website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Use relevant hashtags to get traffic.

2. Have Sales Before Black Friday
There is no reason that you have to wait until Black Friday to have a sale. You can start building up enthusiasm and expectation by having flash sales in the days before.

3. Start Your Specials Later in the Morning
Don’t try to compete with the big box stores and their early morning stampedes. You can’t. Open your store later in the morning but have your own special doorbuster campaign for the first few hours. Send emails a few days before Black Friday to alert customers to your opening times and make them aware of special early discounts. This way the customer knows to expect early deals, but they don’t have to get up at 3:00AM to take advantage.

4. Offer Hourly Online Deals on Your Sitio web
Offer a special deal on a certain product every hour for four hours, for example. You can tell the website visitor which items are coming up for special prices, or, on the other hand, don’t tell the visitor and create a mystery that they have to check back in to find out.

5. Offer Hourly In-store Deals
Like the special hourly online deals, do the same promotions in-store. For instance, offer 25% off on certain products through midday, then, in the afternoon, offer a free gift with every purchase over $XX or have two-for-one sales on certain items that complement each other.

6. Offer Gift Cards
Gift cards are simple, but hugely popular. Three-quarters of buyers with gift cards will spend more than the amount of the card. Display them prominently, next to the register or at a pickup counter, and make sure to have an ample supply ready to go.

Make gift cards even more enticing by offering a deal to the purchaser: Buy a $50 gift card and get a free gift or a $10 gift card for themselves. Another option is to sell a $100 gift card for $80. Customers don’t have to buy anything today; give them a year to come back and use the card.

7. Create a Gift Guide
Create categories based on price points (10 Gifts under $50), gender or product colors. Promote individual gift guide items on social media. Include pictures and links to make quick purchases. Maybe have a flyer in-store that the customer can take to guide their Christmas shopping.

8. Offer Free Services With Purchase
This should be something useful, like free shipping. This is a well-known offer, but customers still love it. Go the extra mile; offer free wrapping or, if appropriate, delivery.

9. Bundle Products
Look in your business for ways to create bundles of products instead of making individual sales. Put together combinations of three to four complementary products. Bundles make great gift packs and can offer more value to the consumer with discounted prices that are less than the total when sold individually.

10. Offer Special Discounts
Give exclusive discounts to senior citizens, students, military personnel and teachers.

11. Reward Social Media
Work the social media scene (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter). Use hashtags that customers can pull up on their mobile phones to receive special discounts.

12. Reward for Sign-ups
Customers who sign up for emails and your newsletter get an exclusive Black Friday deal, such as another 10% off.

An effective Black Friday campaign requires thought and planning. Start making your plan early to give yourself time to think about ideas, identify any potential problem areas and find solutions. Ask yourself these questions to get started:

  • Which product and services do you want to promote?
  • What discounts will you offer?
  • Where will you advertise these specials to your customers?
  • Will you offer online or in-store deals, or both?
  • When will your campaign begin and end?
  • What preparations will your employees need to handle the orders?

What’s Your Hook?
Create offers that make customers feel they are getting great value for their money. Build a strategy that offers deals for both the gift buyers and those buying for themselves. Remember that customers gained during Black Friday/Cyber Monday will likely come back to make more purchases during the year.

Start your promotions early and extend deals for four days through Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.
Offer specials for different products during the four days: For example, promote 25% off sweaters one day and 25% off shoes the next. This encourages repeat visits.

Use the Black Friday marketing tips above to create a total, overall campaign. Think of it as a journey that will last until next year.

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