Top 5 Free Photo Editing Apps for Social Media Marketing

Top 5 Free Photo Editing Apps for Social Media Marketing

One of the best ways to have a successful social media presence is to use high quality images with a consistent look. However, nice cameras, photographers, and photo editing software can get costly.

Want to get the look without the price tag? Check out these free photo editing apps that can make your phone camera perform at a whole new level and improve your company’s social media presence.


This free photo editor from Google has 29 tools and filters. Once you find a combination that you like, you can save the settings to use on new photos later. Though it can make any picture from your phone look like professional quality, it can also edit RAW files and save them non-destructively or export as a JPG.


Created in 2004, Flickr has existed as an online photo sharing platform for over a decade. People can upload albums to their profile and share them with friends or the online Flickr community.

What are the main benefits of the app? In addition to photo sharing, users can edit their pictures as well as store them in the cloud (each account comes with 1000 GB free). So, create as much content as you want. You won’t have to worry about running out of storage on your device.

Photoshop Express

A staple of Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop provides users with the ability to do just about anything with photo editing. With Photoshop Express, you can access some of the basic features of this program for free.

Photoshop Express provides the basics – such as cropping and filters. In addition, auto-fix features allow you to adjust contrast, exposure, and white balance with one-touch adjustment. The app also supports TIFF formatted images and raw image files.


VSCO is a community for creators. Users can create their own VSCO page with pictures that they upload. In order to create a personal aesthetic, the VSCO app provides filters as well as photo editing capabilities. Don’t want to share your pictures through the platform? No problem. Users can edit and save images in the app and then save them directly to their camera roll.


From a relatively new company founded in 2016, ColorStory has been featured in Forbes, Domino, Real Simple, Apple’s ‘Best New App,’ as well as other publications. This free photo editing app has millions of users attracted to the easy-to-use interface and superior features. ColorStory provides 100+ filters, 40+ effects, and 20+ tools to edit your photos. You can also share them with the ColorStory community to get featured.

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