Small Business Inspirations: Walt Disney

Small Business Inspirations Walt Disney

"The way to get started is to quit talking and being doing." - Walt Disney

Born in 1901, Walt Disney co-founded Walt Disney productions, won 22 Academy Awards during his lifetime, and founded the Disneyland and Walt Disney World theme parks.

Raised on a farm, Disney began drawing and selling art when he was seven years old. In high school, he contributed art and photography to his school paper while attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Chicago at night. He began his career in Kansas City, where he created his first animated cartoons.

After a series of setbacks, including bankruptcy and having the rights to his characters stolen, Walt Disney introduced the first Mickey Mouse cartoons. This spring-boarded Disney into the spotlight and was followed by the creation of his other iconic films.

Walt Disney did not wait for the perfect conditions to reach his goals. Rather, he kept working for them in spite of opposition.

To make your business goals a reality, you have to be willing to work. And when setbacks come, you have to keep going. Will DeJesus is a modern day example of this kind of business owner, managing three stand-alone companies in Queens, New York. Check out his story here.

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