Local Search Engine Optimization Tactics for your Small Business

Does My Small Business Need Google AdWords

Local search engine optimization strategies are continually shifting and evolving. If you don’t stay on top of the latest strategies, your competitors could capitalize on your lack of effort. While you may be focused on global SEO strategies, local search engine optimization is just as important. If not more important for your small business.

Here are the four tactics you should try in 2018 to help your small business rank higher in search engine results.

1.       Create Business Listings Across All Search Engines

The first step that you should take to improve your local search engine optimization strategy is to make sure you have a business listing across each of the major search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This listing will give potential customers information about your hours of operation, contact information and reviews (more on that later). A business listing is a quick way for customers to find you and is a fundamental step of any local search engine optimization strategy.

2.       Optimize and Categorize Your Page

Once you have a business listing up, it’s time to optimize it. We recommend uploading a decent variety of high-quality photos to show off the best side of your business. Also include your contact information and hours of operation which is why Google will reward businesses that include contact details in their local search engine optimization efforts.

Also, most search engines will allow you to categorize your business listing to match your industry such as restaurant, bike shop, or barbershop. This helps the search engine understand what your business sells or offers and if your business isn’t properly categorized, search engines might not display your business at all. Ensuring that your business listing contains the proper tags and keywords will improve your local search engine optimization.

3.       Garner Positive Reviews

Google takes reviews very seriously and uses them when considering the ranking it gives your business. Reviews are a great way to encourage potential customers to visit your webpage. You should consider incentivizing customers to leave Google reviews as a part of your local search engine optimization strategy.

4.       Optimize Your Website

An SEO strategies guide wouldn’t be complete without this step. A significant component of your local search engine optimization efforts is focused on your business’s website itself. Ensure that your contact information is displayed in a prominent location that visitors can easily find on your website.

It’s also important to include local keywords on your website which will help search engines rank your site. To go a step further in local search engine optimization, you can also connect with other reputable local organizations. These can be local community forums or charitable organizations. The central theory is that the more people in the community you can connect with, the higher chance that they’ll visit your website. It will also increase the possibility they will link back to improve their own local search engine optimization.

Local search engine optimization can seem tricky at first, but if you make it your goal to improve your business’s local search engine optimization efforts in 2018 and follow these tactics in this guide, you should be on the right track.

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