How to Improve Your Employees’ Customer Service Skills

Here are the ways you can improve your employees’ customer service skills

Treat every customer like a guest

Training every employee in basic customer service skills should be a prerequisite to working for your company. You never know who is a potential big customer, who is the husband/wife of a big customer or who just had a very bad day. As your representatives, employees must know how to be customer-facing. This is important even if they work behind the scenes in a warehouse or cleaning the floors. No matter how painful it can sometimes seem, it is very important to always treat customers like they’re invited guests.

Basic etiquette isn’t basic

Imagine if someone who doesn’t normally answer the phone picks up the phone and your most important customer is on the line. Now imagine that person botches the conversation, leaving your VIP customer wondering if he should take his business elsewhere. Training all employees in basic business etiquette can go a long way in terms of customer relations. It may be helpful to have employees practice hypothetical conversations they may have so that they know what answers they should give.

Have your FAQs available

Your company’s Frequently Asked Questions are the things every employee should know backwards and forwards. Have this document readily available for your employees online and in print. Encourage your employees to be familiar enough with the answers as to not give faulty information to customers. Also remember that FAQs are living documents that evolve and adapt over time. As your service and offerings evolve, make sure you update your FAQs for the sake of your employees as well as for your customers.

Create an employee handbook

Investing in your employees is one of the ways you can help your business sustain itself in the long term. Though some businesses take this for granted, creating an employee handbook that closely details the company’s values will help your employees align with the culture you want from them. Additionally, in the long-term, a handbook can also be used as a recruiting tool to find employees who fit with your company’s values. Companies which align their values with those of their employees can better serve customers.

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