Growth Hack: Leverage What’s Trending

Leverage What's Trending

IHOb. Yodeling Walmart boy. Puppy videos. The ice bucket challenge.

There does not seem to be a formula to know what will take over the internet next. However, it is important to pay attention to what’s trending now when creating content for social media.

The best way to do this is to get actively involved. Find businesses with large followings and see how they engage their audience. Test similar strategies and see how they resonate with your followers. There are programs available that collect data on what posts receive the most shares and what people are searching for. See how others have found success and mimic it in a way that is unique to your brand. This could mean an attention-grabbing move, like Burger King asking Wendy’s to prom, or creating a new product, like Wake N Bake Donuts during the Tide Pod craze.

Make sure to cover timely topics in the most engaging way possible. Imagine. You own a sporting goods store and your city is hosting a soccer tournament. People will probably choose to watch live video coverage of the games over reading a thought-out think piece on the history of field setup.

Once you decide what kind of content to share, create a schedule to post consistently. Regular, meaningful interaction on social media provides more benefits than an occasional stunt for attention. It not only builds brand awareness, but establishes credibility and improves website traffic and SEO. Compare online relationships to personal friendships. People are more likely to turn to a friend that they keep in regular contact with than one that they only see occasionally at large social gatherings.

Though it is important to use data to make decisions and plan ahead for posts, make sure to review and update your strategy periodically. What’s popular online can change quickly, and your content will need to keep up in order to stay relevant.

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