10 Ways to Get More Phone Leads with PPC and CRO

10 Ways to Get More Phone Leads with PPC and CRO

How to get more phone leads with PPC?

Doing business in this day and age has become more challenging as companies try to adapt to the fast-moving and ever-growing digital landscape. Lead generation, for one, has transformed and become more complex due to the new marketing factors that have sprung from the development of the internet and social media.

Today, instead of just sitting at a booth at convention or trade show for days at a time, marketers can simply request to have leads generated by a third-party vendor and sent their. And as businesses adapt, they come up with different ways to have lead generation strategies work to their advantage.

A popular strategy to look into today is phone lead generation via pay-per-click (PPC) and conversion-rate-optimization (CRO). Here, you’ll find 10 tips on how you can maximize phone lead generation from PPC and CRO.

1. Be ready to offer something more

Here’s the scenario: a visitor comes to your website, browses through your offers, chooses one, and proceeds to the form. While you can develop some winning online copy to entice your readers, you should remember that the goal is to persuade the customer that there’s more value in making a phone call. In order to do this, you should be ready to up the offer every time a customer successfully fills out an order form online. For example, you can offer a discount if they call the hotline in the next 10 minutes, or give them an exclusive freebie if they get in touch with a phone representative.

2. There should always be a call-to-action (CTA)

The biggest mistake most AdWords marketers commit today is being vague on the call-to-action. Your ad should briefly tell your customer what they’re supposed to do or focus on once they make it to your landing page. If your objective is to generate more phone leads, your CTA should reflect this. Make your intentions clear—convince them to call.

3. Make it easy for visitors to follow through on your CTA

What this means is to always make your CTA a click-to-call. While it is acceptable to simply publish and highlight the hotline number in your marketing copy, it will do your campaign wonders if you’ll allow your customers to just click on the CTA to directly make a call instead.

4. Track your phone calls

While this seems like a no-brainer, many marketers today actually skip this—big mistake. When aiming to increase phone leads through PPC and CRO, one of the most important things you should remember is to determine exactly how your previous phone leads contributed to your ROI. You can do this by keeping a record and assigning the numbers to different marketing channels you use.

5. Make sure there’s someone who will take the call

This sounds like another no-braine; but unfortunately, there are still businesses who put up ads with a call-hotline CTA that actually directs customer calls to voicemail. Customers are not going to waste time leaving you voicemail. They will call your competitors instead. So if you’re investing hard-earned money into ads, you might as well make sure you don’t waste them by bouncing off-hour leads. If your hotline can’t operate 24/7, consider scheduling your ad runs to take place only during business hours.

6. Establish hotline and brand identity connection

Your success in generating more phone leads via PPC and CRO is partly dependent on how customers perceive your hotline reliability. If you’re able to come up with catchy ads online or on television, for example, you should consider getting your hotline in on the hype by establishing a connection with your brand identity. Make the hotline part of the jingle lyrics, or include it in your logo. Making the hotline known not only streamlines your branding and phone lead goals; but it also lets the customers know that your number is official and is part of a credible enterprise.

7. Make your ads mobile-specific

Obtaining phone leads via PPC and CRO means you’re targeting customers who are on their mobile phones. While making ads mobile-specific doesn’t necessarily guarantee that it will only show up in mobile searches, it will nonetheless fine-tune your campaign by isolating your messaging. Moreover, it is important to note that mobile-specific ads are proven to have higher click-through rates (CTR) compared to catch-all ads. This means that you’ll get more prospective phone calls since you’re getting more clicks.

8. Re-target ads with phone numbers

Retargeting works by having your ads follow your site visitors through the cookies you plant on their browsers. What happens is that once they leave your website, these cookies follow them around the Internet silently observing their behavior. When you retarget ads with a phone number, you’re basically assigning a phone number to the ads you’ve set up for retargeting, which makes it easy to track and measure phone calls.

9. Apply Post Conversion Psychology

Sometimes, visitors will simply convert via form without giving you a phone call. In this situation, you need to provide motivation to your potential customer to give you a call, even though they’ve just converted through a form. An example of how you can do this is by letting the customer know that you’ve received their request for information and that you’ll be getting back to them shortly. You can then segue into mentioning your hotline as an option if they don’t wish to wait for you to reach out to them.

10. Make your ads mobile responsive

Lastly, marketing today goes with the understanding that you’re marketing to people who are always on their mobile phones. With this in mind, you need to make sure that your ad will deliver, whether they’re seeing it on a desktop or mobile device. If your ad won’t render properly on smaller devices, chances are customers will simply ignore it—or worse, they may even report it. And depending on how effective your design is, you can even double phone leads quicker than you think.

Author bio: Callum Mundine is part of the marketing team at oneegg.com.au. He is an Amazon marketplace & white hat link building specialist, and has launched multiple successful brands on Amazon.com. Callum like his eggs boiled.

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