Best Human Resource Apps for Small Businesses

Best Human Resource Apps for Small Businesses

What are the best human resource apps for small businesses?

Though human resource departments in big, multinational companies look a lot different than they do in a small business setting, both deal with similar issues on all levels of business.

And both could use some help from technology.

To help streamline processes and make your business a better place for you and your employees, here are 12 must-have human resource apps and how they can help your business.

For easier on-boarding.

With new hires, there’s always paperwork. But with WorkBright, you can cut out all the paper documents. The process is remarkably simple. New employees receive an email and a link that opens all on-boarding documents for them to read through and sign. This saves a lot of time on the first day.

Payroll made easy.

You don’t need to outsource your payroll to a third party. With Gusto, you get an easy-to-use interface that allows you to simplify payroll onboarding and also automates the process by calculating taxes, benefits and submitting payroll filings.

Schedule easier.

Coming up with a schedule can feel like an elaborate math problem. With Deputy, juggling who works where and when just got a lot easier. With spreadsheets, time clocks and a mobile-first approach, it also allows you to send out schedules to employees and to payroll with just one click.

Know your employees.

Whether in the hiring stage or 10 years into their career, it’s important to have a way to measure how your employees are performing. PeopleFluent is an app that helps you track an employee’s development at your company. Career development, pay management and applicant tracking – all at your fingertips.

A healthy workplace is a happy workplace.

The app Nudjed is designed to make workplace wellness programs more effective. Employees create profiles, input information and through deep analytics, receive personalized health advice. It also allows you to track the progress of everyone in the program.

Manage with ease.

For projects small and large, every HR manager can benefit from DropTask, a visual project management app that clearly defines workflows and responsibilities while eliminating juggling and guessing.

For your to-do list.

Stop relying on all those scraps of paper! With features like due dates, reminders and the ability to assign tasks to others, Wunderlist will help you prioritize and follow through.

Because we can all be forgetful.

With payroll and insurance portals, benefits pages and any number of other secure sites they need access to, HR managers have a lot of passwords to remember. LastPass basically takes care of this by storing all your passwords in one place.

Keep track of those expenses.

Make receipts stapled to expense reports a thing of the past. Expensify is an Intuit app that makes it easy for employees to submit claims and for you to track spending and budget more effectively.

Learn from your employees.

Many small businesses conduct surveys every quarter to get a sense of morale and where the company is at. Peakon is an app that prompts employees with questions and gives HR managers real-time analytics based on the feedback. The genius in the app is its design, which helps get a 90 percent response rate.

The HR behemoth.

Namely is one of the most widely used, and most exhaustive, pieces of software available for a company’s HR needs. Its centralized platform can be easily customized and allows you to do everything from track time off and automate workflow to store documents and more. Oh, and you can do this all from their app as well.

All-in-one for the small players.

If Namely is widely used across the spectrum of businesses, Zenefits is the all-in-one choice for small-business owners. Its dashboard allows you to access and manage benefits, time tracking, payroll, compliance and more. The easy pricing system lets you select the features you want.

There are dozens of other options out there, but if you only looked at this list, you would surely find a few that could transform how you do HR.

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