7 Tools To Improve Your Website Design

Check out these 7 ways to make your small business website look amazing!

Websites need to be aesthetically pleasing, consistent, and user-friendly, which is hard work. If you have ever taken on a web design project, you will understand this to be true. Unfortunately, many people who dive head first into a web design project are naive to this fact and find themselves quickly overwhelmed. So, If you’ve started a web design project recently, or are looking for ways to make your project more efficient and effective. These seven tools to improve website design are a great place to start!

1) ThemeForest

Once you have purchased your domain name and figured out a hosting site, it’s time to build your website. One of the very first things you will need to accomplish your website build is a template. Although you can create a template if you know HTML code, that task should be left up to the experts. Enter, Themeforest. This website allows you to browse thousands upon thousands of website templates in a variety of styles and at a variety of prices, starting at only $5. No matter who you are, you will be able to find a template you like on ThemeForest, and hopefully, a price you like as well.

2) Shutterstock

Even amateur web designers and business owners just starting out need their website to look professionally polished. This includes using well-edited pictures on your pages. One of the best methods for acquiring professional photos for your website (unless you are a photographer) is through stock photos. Shutterstock offers a wide variety of photographs of any topic imaginable for use on your website. You can purchase photos individually, or buy monthly subscription plans starting at just $29 per month.

3) Canva

If you are creating images or graphics for your website, Canva is a great user friendly option. With Canva you can create blog graphics, website headers, email templates, and infographics from pre-laid templates and add your own brand and flair. If you want to take advantage of all that Canva has to offer, you can purchase a premium plan for only $9.95 per month.

4) Typekit

One of the biggest components to creating an aesthetically pleasing website is choosing the right combination of fonts. The fonts you choose are some of the first things that visitors to your site notice; and they play a large role in how your content is read. With Typekit, you can browse through thousands of fonts, purchase the ones you like, and receive recommendations on other fonts you can use to compliment it. Typekit fonts can be purchased individually or through paid plans starting at $49.99 per year.

5) Webflow

Perhaps you have been in the web design business for a while, or are looking to upgrade your first site to something that is more “your style.” If you are comfortable with design and confident in what you desire for your website, then you might want to give Webflow a shot! With Webflow you are able to work with freelance web designers and developers to produce your very own website.

6) Beewits

If you are starting a web design project, one of the most important things that you need to do is stay on task. Beewits allows you to start projects, track their progress and add updates. This is a product that will keep you on your toes and on your way to a finished product in no time. By chance, if you are a professional website designer or own an agency, Beewits has plans for you and your employees too!

7) Whatusersdo

Finally, before launching your website, you are going to want to test your user experience. Users on your website should be able to navigate your pages easily and reach the information they need to in less than 3 clicks. Whatusersdo is a web-based program that simulates a user experience and tests your website and offers recommendations for improved user experience. Pricing for this product is based on the size of your project.

Check out these tools and use them well! Best of luck on your next project!

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