5 Small Business Contests to Enter in Q2

Small business contests to enter in Q2

Here are your 5 small business contests for the second quarter!

As a small-business owner, you’re always thinking three, four steps ahead. Future plans, new products, shoring up accounts and keeping customers happy are all part of a day’s work.

And all of these require money.

Whether it’s to improve your infrastructure or invest in new services, extra capital is crucial for expanding and reaching your goals.

Contests are a great way to get your hands on some extra money, and what’s more, they’re a valuable way to see how you measure up to the competition.

We’ve covered contests in other blogs and looked at a few that were open for Q1, but for those who want more, here are five additional contests to enter in 2018.

1. Rural Energy for America Program

For small businesses in certain rural areas or agricultural producers, this program offers guaranteed loan financing or grant funding for renewable energy systems or energy-efficiency improvements. Grants range in size from $2,500 to $500,000, so this is definitely one to check out! The April 30 deadline is fast approaching!

2. Amber Grant

Each month one female-run small business owner is awarded a $1,000 grant to use in any way that would best benefit her business. This is no small amount, but there’s more. Each qualifying winner will be entered into the larger, year-end contest for an additional $9,000, for a total of a $10,000 grand prize. Applications are due at the end of the month.

3. Visa Everywhere Initiative

Ambition is a big part of running a small business. If you have more ambition than most, then throw your hat into this highly competitive, global competition. Not only is this an opportunity to win serious money for your business, it’s also a chance for invaluable networking as you meet seasoned professionals and other small business applicants during the process. But hurry! The deadline is April 23 for this small business contest.

4. The Arch Grant Global Startup competition

If you have a great business idea and the flexibility to relocate, this is a contest you’ll want to check out. The rewards are huge, in every respect. First off, there’s a $50,000 equity-free cash grant, and along with that is an award package full of pro-bono services, introductions to civic and business leaders and many of those other intangible boosts that lead to business success. Winners must agree to relocate to St. Louis for three years. Final application deadline this small business contest is May 15, 2018.

5. USDA Rural Business Enterprise Grant (RBEG) Program

This program has provided grants to over 192 projects to promote economic development in rural areas and therefore help businesses create or save jobs in this area. If you think your business might qualify, don’t wait. There are some serious grants to be had! Every state has different deadlines, so check with your local and state office to learn about the deadline in your state.

In addition to fattening up your wallets, applying for these grants gives you the opportunity to reevaluate your business and ask if you’re on the right track — a valuable exercise that could result in some serious cash.

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