5 Perks and Benefits Today’s Employees Really Want

5 Perks and Benefits Today's Employees Really Want

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  • Flexible Employee Health and Wellness Programs

Employees value self-care, and want perks and benefits to help them achieve their health and wellness goals. A 2017 survey of 2000 workers by Fractl found that employees considered health, dental and vision insurance as the most important. And in the 2017 Employee Benefits Research Report by the Society for Human Resource Management, in response to demand from workers, almost 33 percent of businesses increased their employee benefits during the past twelve month period. The top benefit increases were in Health (22 percent) and Wellness (24 percent) benefits.

  • Flexible Hours for Better Work/Life Balance

More than ever, quality of life is important to today’s workers who value the perks and benefits that reflect that. According to a recent study by online job board Flexjobs, 84 percent of workers who are also parents value job flexibility more than other key job factors. And a 2016 Fidelity study found that younger workers (born between 1981 and 1991) value, “A better quality of work life.” So much that they’re willing to take a $7,600 pay cut for a job that provides it.

  • Paid Time Off to Volunteer

Giving employees time off to volunteer can be a hallmark of a company people want to work for, according to Fortune magazine. Supporting time off and encouraging volunteer work that makes use of an individual’s professional skills was particularly appreciated by staff. Research into the businesses on the list of 50 Best Workplaces for Giving Back found that these companies let employees “guide their charitable efforts,” which may increase employee commitment.

  • Personal and Professional Development

The ability to grow professionally in their current roles and learn skills to better position them for future roles are key perks for today’s workforce. This is especially true for millennials. According to Pew Research Center’s The State of American Jobs report, 87 percent of workers feel it’s critical they receive continuing opportunities to learn throughout their careers.

  • Exercise Area/Onsite Fitness

Today’s employees want their employer to support their efforts to stay fit. In a recent Harvard Business Review article, a survey of 2000 workers found that 39 percent would give free gym memberships consideration when evaluating a job. Free yoga or fitness classes would get some consideration, 33 percent. 22 percent would give extra thought to a job offering a free onsite gym.

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