3 Female Powerhouses in the Marketing World

3 Female Powerhouses in the Marketing World

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Who are three women that are female marketing leaders?

The marketing world moves at a dizzying pace. It’s a sponge that absorbs the latest technology, social trends and consumer habits. Then marketers touch this sponge with that magic wand of imagination to bolster a brand’s image and bring in new customers.

Unless you’re directly in the advertising industry, you probably don’t think too much about the creative minds and intrepid leaders behind the billboards, the commercials, the banner ads or the subtle brand mentions and references in any number of outlets.

Today we’re going to take a look at three women who are leaders in the marketing world and who exemplify how marketing brings together both the analytical and creative sides of the brain.


1. Andrea Van Dam, CEO of Women’s Marketing

For almost two decades, Van Dam has worked her way up through the ranks at Women’s Marketing Inc., an agency that specializes in high-growth industries that matter to women. Since she was named CEO in 2014, she has brought a transformative vision to the agency. Where once the agency was more focused on fashion and beauty, Van Dam has expanded their expertise to other categories that affect the lives of women. Under her leadership, her agency has proven that it excels at taking great ideas and exciting ventures and growing them into international brands.

Below Andrea discusses how busy today’s Millennial moms are, and how they can manage balancing work, family, and personal satisfaction.


2. Barbara Jones, Founder and CEO of Blissful Media Group

Ten years ago Jones saw an emerging opportunity and decided to take advantage of it: the rise of so-called influencers. For those who don’t know, an influencer is someone with a significant social media or blog presence who talks about anything from motherhood to adventure travel. Jones saw an opportunity to connect brands with influencers and create a new marketing space, and that’s what she did with Blissful Media Group.

And just to make you feel a little more in awe of her accomplishments, she also owns and runs Blissfully Domestic, a women’s digital magazine that focuses on home, food and life. She is also the founder and CEO of One2One Network, a networking service that connects influencers and brands with content, strategy and digital services to reach female consumers.

Image courtesy of blissfulmediagroup.com


3. Karen Kaplan, Chairman and CEO of Hill Holiday

Everyone loves a story of humble beginnings, and Kaplan’s story of how she started as a receptionist looking to earn enough money for law school and ended up running the show is one such story. For over 10 years, Kaplan has been president of Hill Holiday, where she has been recognized as a dynamic leader responsible for the agency’s significant growth, and is regarded as one of the most influential women in advertising.

Check out some of the work they’ve done by simply clicking the image below.

Image courtesy hhcc.com

While the advertising world is still very much a man’s world, there are hundreds of powerful, influential women making inroads, bringing fresh, intriguing vision to this constantly changing space.

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