Get A Small Business Loan Today

Get Competitive Terms Today, 24 Months In Business, 250k in Annual Revenue To Qualify.

Why Consider A Business Loan?

Business loans are one of the most versatile forms of business financing available to owners on the market today.  They are available in a large range of sizes, come with an array of payment options and there is no limit on the way you can use the business funding options. Whether you’re looking to grow, maintain daily operations, or build yourself a cash flow safety net to manage the unexpected, Kapitus can help you build the right loan product and get funding for your business to meet your unique business needs.

Business Flexibility

Kapitus business loans can be used for any business purpose, unlike business loans provided by traditional lenders and the SBA which often have restrictions on use associated with them.

With competitive business loan rates and a variety of terms and payment plans available, you have the ability to build out a loan product that is created specifically for your business needs.


Competitive rates mean you might end up paying less than a traditional bank loan, keeping more of your hard-earned revenue in your business account, not ours.

With a range of payment terms available, we will work with you to build a payment plan that works with the ebb and flow of your business revenue.

Time Sensitive

Additional bandwidth and free time are not a perk that comes with running a small business; so we established an underwriting process that requires minimal documentation for approval.

With an expedited underwriting process, you can receive approval in as little as four hours and have the funds in your bank in less than three days, so you can get the working capital you need quickly and securely.

Do You Qualify For A Business Loan?

Qualifying for a business loan through Kapitus is easier than you think!  Depending on the amount you are looking to secure, there are minimum criteria that you must meet (perfect credit not required!), including

  • You must have a personal credit score of at least 625.
  • Your business needs to have been operating for at least two years.
  • You need to have a minimum of $250,000 in annual revenue.

Kapitus financing products vary by state, so business loans may not be available to everyone.  Not to worry! We have a product for every business in every state.  Please contact a Kapitus Financing Specialist to discuss your particular circumstances.

How To Apply?

The Kapitus business loan application process is quick and painless! It should only take you about 5-10 minutes to get your full application package submitted. Simply fill out our online form, and provide your three most recent bank statements, and…that’s it, you’re done! Once your package has been submitted, a Kapitus Financing Specialist will be in touch with a decision or, when necessary, to learn more about your business. Once approved, your Financing Specialist will work with you to build out terms and a payment plan that works best for your business.


A: At this time, the minimum credit score requirement for our small business loans is 625.

A: When calculated, our small business loans have competitive industry rates. However, our loans don’t technically have a rate; instead, we charge one fixed price that does not change. Our pricing may change depending on a number of factors, including your credit score, revenue, your industry, and terms of the loan you choose. Because our loans are short term, when you calculate the “rate,” it will be higher than some other options, but the overall cost is often much less than long-term financing options such as SBA loans or equipment financing.

A: During the 2008 recession, online lenders gained prominence as an alternative option for many small businesses to obtain financing when traditional bank funding opportunities dried up.  Since then, these lenders have become a common-place resource for business funding.   While your specific needs should dictate where you seek financing, there are some well-known advantages to using alternative lenders, including:

  1. Qualification Requirements: Alternative lenders tend to have less stringent requirements for approval.  Typically, alternative lenders have lower requirements for an applicant’s revenue, time in business, and credit score.
  2. Shorter Timelines: Because of the applications are shorter and fewer documents are required for underwriting, alternative lenders can review, approve and fund business loans in a matter of days – sometimes even in as little as 24 hours depending on how quickly you’re able to get your full application package submitted.
  3. Loan Size Flexibility: Alternative lenders have more flexibility with the funding amounts they will approve, so they are able and willing to finance both smaller and larger amounts than traditional lenders. For example, many banks will not consider loans above $1 Million and the use of those funds is often limited.   However, with many alternative lenders, loans are available in amounts up to $5 Million and the funds can be used for any business purpose. If you need less capital, many banks aren’t as willing to lend out lower amounts because it is not economically feasible for them to do so, while alternative lenders are willing to finance amounts as low as $10,000.
  4. Higher Approval Rates: Because of their easier qualification requirements and simpler application process, alternative lenders approve financing for more small and medium-size businesses than traditional lenders.