New Year. New Name. Renewed Commitment

Strategic Funding is now Kapitus

It’s been a long time coming. When Andy Reiser launched this company in 2006, the name he chose for it was clear as day. After all, Strategic Funding was what the company was built to do – provide capital to business owners who would apply it strategically to strengthen their businesses. The company grew, financing $1.1 million in the first year; and remained strong through the great recession, continuing to finance small businesses through that difficult time. Since then, Strategic Funding has grown to 220 employees and has provided over $2 billion to nearly 40,000 businesses in hundreds of industries across the US.

Throughout these thirteen years, we’ve seen a lot of change. Many new alternative lenders entered the industry and advanced the fintech revolution. Many struggled to survive or prove the sustainability of their business models. Some undertook dubious practices to cover the weaknesses within their operating infrastructures.

Yet, despite all of this change on the outside, financial challenges for small businesses remain. The number of businesses that need capital to either grow or help with operating expenses remains high. Credit remains elusive and despite best intentions, traditional lenders like banks continue to be unable to help them. The need for small businesses to access financing quickly and responsibly has only grown.

Recognizing this, we started transforming ourselves a year ago with a commitment to expanding access to capital to more small businesses and making this access faster and easier. We built out a new leadership team, added new products and new partners, closed our first securitization expandable to $500 million, reduced the time from application to funding to mere hours, and launched an upgraded online portal for our ISO partners. Most importantly, we kept the human touch throughout our financing process, while improving the customer experience through advanced technology that aids in the decisioning process to improve speed to funding.

Now all business owners can access capital easily and quickly, knowing that they have each got a solution structured for their unique need  whether that business owner is the restauranteur who needs to buy cases of expensive wines for her business’ most important season…

Or the salon owner who wants to expand with a second location…

Or the physician who needs to pay his staff before money is received from insurance payouts…

Or the dentist who wants to add an advanced sleep apnea specialization to his practice practice to improve cash flow.

We continue to build it all on the same core principle that has guided us for the last thirteen years and has always served as our distinguishing feature: that each business and, therefore, each solution is unique. And that financing from us must always serve to strengthen our customers. And so it was time to give ourselves a new name – one that reflects the strength that flows to our partners and customers when they work with us. KAPITUS.

At Kapitus, our mission is to empower every business to succeed by providing the best financing options – when they need it and how they need it. Whether we are working with a business directly or through a strategic partner, we will work diligently to provide the most convenient, cost- effective and appropriate financing solution for a business’s needs.  We promise to keep the best interests of our clients at the center of the financing process by operating with transparency, fairness, and integrity.  We will continue to empower small businesses to make educated financial decisions, as we have since our inception in 2006.

We are truly grateful to our partners and customers that allow us to serve and continue our mission every single day.. Here’s to the next thirteen years!


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