How Can I Use Live Video In My Marketing?


If Your Marketing is DOA, Consider Live Video

Every Thursday at 10 a.m., creatives at SociallyIn, a Birmingham social media firm, sit down over cereal to discuss the most important developments in their industry. Oh, and sell their services.

These discussions are broadcast live on Facebook. SociallyIn is one of a growing number of small businesses that see the benefits of live video: 59% of people prefer watching live videos online over a pre-recorded one, and they’ll devote three times more time to them.

“The authentic and ephemeral nature of live videos seems to make them especially attractive and meaningful to social media users,” explains marketer Aleh Barysevich. “Live videos increase the perceived trustworthiness and relevance of a brand.”

New Products, New Impact

Live videos can be employed for many purposes, including announcing new staff members, showing how to use your product, and introducing new goods and services. They can be used to provide exclusive content and discount codes.

For example, Chelsea Serra-Wallace, who owns Annie & Oliver children’s boutique in Midland, Michigan, uses live videos on Facebook and Instagram the night before Black Friday to announce sale items. The timeliness ensures that she will still have the goods in stock.

Best of all, live videos aren’t exacting. Generally, the only equipment you need is a smartphone, adequate lighting, and a quiet space with a good Internet connection. “The content doesn’t depend on a professional camera crew or even an expensive venue,” said marketer Jason Unrau. “And while you can pay to boost your posts after the fact, Facebook and Instagram do the work for you by featuring live videos higher up in their feeds.” In addition, social media platforms, such as youtube live and facebook live make it simple by a place to host your live video content.

Here are four ways to make your live video stand out:

Pick Your Point. A live video should have a strong focus. “One video, one big point,” said Kathy Klotz-Guest, author of “Stop Boring Me!: How to Create Kick-Ass Marketing.”

“Be really clear on who your audience is, what the need, and who you are. Treat it like a show – not a collection of videos.”

Test Your Equipment. Just as you want to work out your material in advance, check that your equipment is functioning properly. Run a full test, paying particular attention to lighting and sound — which can often be problematic for first-time streamers.

Consider Captions. YouTube allows content creators to add real-time captions to their live videos. You can even automatically generate captions with the platform’s live automatic speech recognition technology. This can be a great asset to viewers who are hard-of-hearing, as well as the many people who watch videos with the mute button on.

Promote the event. Don’t just throw up a live stream, hoping an audience will appear. SociallyIn touts their weekly meeting in Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and Instagram stories.

Re-purpose your videos. Once your live event has passed, re-use your video in other marketing campaigns to further engage with your audience. You can reference them in blog posts, as part of live q&a sessions, to provide a sneak peek to other upcoming events and as paid social media ads.

If you feel customers aren’t responding to your current marketing efforts, consider adding live videos to your content marketing mix.

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