5 National Days to Help Promote Your Business

Here are some national days to look out for!

Why wait for the major holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Fourth of July to celebrate? In case you haven’t noticed, every day is now a holiday; the secret is to keep track of them and to celebrate appropriately.

Looking ahead to the first quarter of the new year, we thought we would look at five holidays small business owners would want to mark on their calendars, along with some ideas for how to promote your business on these days.

  1. Jan. 17 is National Bootlegger’s Day. It’s fitting that Al Capone’s birthday has been named National Bootlegger’s Day. If you run a bar or restaurant that serves drinks, you could really clean up on this day. Consider concocting a specialty cocktail and promoting other drink specials.
  2. Feb. 9 is National Pizza Day. If you run a pizzeria, this one’s a no-brainer. But for the thousands of other small businesses out there, why not thank your employees by ordering them pizza for lunch? Happy employees are always good for business.
  3. Feb. 15 is Singles Awareness Day. The day after Valentine’s is the day for all the single folks out there to celebrate their freedom. If you run a spa or salon, offer a deal for single ladies and guys on hair cuts or spa treatments. Of course, drink deals are always welcome at eateries and bars!
  4. March 12 is National Plant-a-Flower Day. As the temperature rises, people’s moods change. What better way to celebrate the arrival of spring than by planting a flower? Take advantage of this day by offering free seeds, flower planting kits or potted flowers — whatever best fits your business!
  5. March 29 is National Mom-and-Pop Business Owners Day. For small businesses, this is a holiday you don’t want to miss. Offer sales, promotions and events, unfurl the red carpet and remind customers why local businesses rock!

Just like every day is a day to celebrate, so is every day an opportunity to grow and expand your business.

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