12 Must-Have Marketing Apps for Small Businesses

12 Must-Have Marketing Apps for Small Businesses

Running and managing a small business is not always an easy task, but there are ways to make it a little easier – especially when it comes to marketing. There are, in fact, a number of marketing applications that you can’t afford to miss – especially as a small business owner. Having the right apps can increase your marketing effectiveness and enhance your profitability – taking your business to new heights.

1. Hootsuite

When it comes to small business marketing, speaking to your customers and staying in touch is one of the most powerful ways to reach your sales and retention goals. Since many of your customers use Facebook, Twitter and other social sites to communicate with their friends and stay updated on their favorite brands, you want to make sure you have a strategy to keep in touch with them on these channels. With HootSuite, you can not only schedule posts so that you can publish them at the right time; but you can also track your results and measure the effectiveness of your social campaigns.


2. Buffer

Since many things are constantly competing for your customers’ time, you need a way to grab their attention – fast. When people face distractions at every turn, you can use Buffer to stand out from the rest. In addition to allowing you to manage your social presence, Buffer also lets you create stunning images that will stop your prospects in their tracks. This marketing app will help you craft social advertisements that they won’t be able to ignore, and your bottom line will improve along the way.


3. Perka

Have you ever been given a card for that free sandwich from your favorite deli? But only if you get all of those tiny holes punched. This is the most common marketing tactics for a local businesses loyalty program. Perka does something similar for your business but digitally. This is a valuable resource to try for your business if you are looking to or currently have a punch card program. Also the best part is, it’s free!


4. Pagemodo

This is an intuitive design studio for creating your Facebook ads. This will help you create engaging visual elements and customized features that encourage fan interaction, and you won’t need the professional help to this successfully. It will also allow you to schedule posts and find the most relevant content for your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. So make a statement with this great marketing tool for your small business Facebook page.


5. BuzzSumo

Smart business owners and marketers know that content marketing is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to growing their businesses and building their brands. Finding the type of content that gets results, however, is often hard. You can cut the learning curve and uncover the type of content to which your prospects are the most likely to respond when you use BuzzSumo. You can find the most recent content that is trending on social media and across the web. Buzzsumo also makes it easy to find and speak with influencers in your industry.


6. Canva

Canva is an amazing go to resource for creating images for social media, developing infographics or designing some flyers for your next big event! And now It brings all of the features from the web right onto your iPad. With just the tap of your finger this application is very easy to use. Change around templates, drag elements into place, and share directly when you are finished to Canva’s integrated social sharing.


7. Quora

This crowdsourced Q&A website has an enormous amount of uses for marketers, especially as a source for information and content ideas. This gives you the ability to check in on the latest questions and topics. Those who use Quora do so to ask questions on any subject they want, read high quality knowledge, and view relevant content from others.


8. Snapchat

Snapchat is a growing trend from which you can benefit if you use the right strategy. With Snapchat, you can send high-quality pictures of your products and team to highlight what you have to offer, but that is not all. You can use it to promote limited offers and discounts that will inspire people to buy from you. You will get instant feedback on the results of your campaign, allowing you to make small corrections as needed. Using Snapchat to reach your business goals will allow you to keep your products and services at the front of their minds.


9. Dropbox

If you work on projects with your team and need to store your files in a secure, central location, Dropbox can improve your results. Allowing you to upload and download files from anywhere on the planet, Dropbox will enhance your productivity. The security features of the application will ensure that only authorized individuals will have access to the content you share.


10. Mention

When it comes to the success of your business, few things are as important as your reputation. Building a brand will allow you to charge much more for your products or services because your customers will know what to expect when they come to you. If you want to have an attractive brand that sends the right message, monitoring and responding to the things people say about you is critical. With Mention, you will know each time someone says something about your business online, allowing you to answer questions, respond to negative comments and thank people for their support.


11. Flipboard

If you would like to stay relevant in a market that is always changing and evolving, you must pay attention to the latest trends. Flipboard will show you recent stories and developments related to your industry. You can use the information to make changes to your approach, or you can share the content with your subscribers.


12. Pinterest

Pinterest allows you to create and share high-quality images that will inspire people to follow you. You can publish images that showcase the products you sell or that teach people how to solve their problems. Pinterest advertising allows you to send your content to the right people at the perfect time.


Final Thoughts

When you want to make running your small business as easy as possible, using the right applications can take you far. Getting small business loans, optimizing engagement and tracking your progress will become simple tasks that won’t require a lot of effort, and you will know that your business is moving in the right direction.

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